Top 6 Eye Care Beauty Tips

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Thus, without eyes, there won’t be any beauty. And yet, Milton wrote the beautiful ‘Paradise Lost’ as a blind man. Your eyes are the most wonderful sense organs, since they can see and express, show love and care. These need to be taken care of and kept n best condition. Here are top 6 tips for their care and beauty aspect.

1. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and waking till late night. All these create dark circles. Have a smooth sleeping pattern and wash your eyes first thing in the morning. This is the staring caring point for your eyes.

2. It is childhood knowledge that deficiency of Vitamin C causes scurvy and deficiency of Vitamin a causes night blindness and reduces eye-sight. Eat adequate amount of yams and carrots to keep your eyes well fed. Following Yoga or other concentration techniques also fare well for the eyes.

3. Natural remedies like grated potatoes and cucumbers can be placed on your eyes for about twenty minutes, during which you need to relax. Your eyes will get soothed and cool. This is necessary since your eyes are exposed to several pollutants n course of the day. You should also deal in herbal eye drops in case of irritation or swelling.

4. If you have to be continuously in front of PC or celluloid to earn a living, wear anti-glares and cover PC with anti-radiation screens. Take time off every fifteen minutes for a minute. Otherwise, your pupils contract and show only in the middle of your eyes, completely leaving end areas. Don’t read in dim light or incoherent writings.

5. You may mix cotton with marigold tea, a generic mix tailor-made for eyes. You can compress your eyes with thus suffused cotton pads every night and find positive results. For inflammation and constant pains, you shouldn’t delay a visit to the oculist. Not wearing specs or lens when your eye-doctor suggests its usage will have negative impact soon enough.

6. The last part is about rendering beauty to your eyes. Subtle use of eye shadow and kohl lines suffice. If you have blue or hazel pupil, contrast them with earthy tones for striking presence. Asian sub-continental eyes are generally naturally beautiful.

You should not indulge yourself in excess of passion or tension. These will reflect on your eyes. Periodic use of ice packs also has a positive influence on your eyes.

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