Pairing Wine with Food

Pairing Wine with Food 

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A wine party is an ideal get together for friends and family. But when it comes to wine and food matching, it might be little confusing process. Wine and food matching means pairing food dishes with wine to increase dining experience. However Drinking wine with food enhances the flavour and makes the meal more enjoyable. It also increases social interaction and has many potential health benefits, red wine in particular. Al you need is a wine that would make the entire meal taste great, balanced and beautiful.

Pairing wine with food might become challenging at times. Here are few guidelines that would help you in making the perfect combination of wine and your favourite food. The wine should not overpower the food neither should not food overpower wine rather they should go hand in hand. Generally regional foods and wine make a perfect combination and are a good try for taste buds. Food and wine pairing is bets when there’s a similarity or a suitable contrast of texture, flavour, taste and intensity. White wine suits salads and light dishes like fish and poultry. Whereas red wine is a perfect match with steaks and heavier meat sauces. Wine and cheese pairing is nevertheless a golden combo. Red wine also goes well with mild to sharp cheese. Goat cheeses are good with dry white wine and pungent and intensely flavoured cheese is best with sweeter wine. A dessert wine gives a perfect end to meal and sipped with piece of chocolate cake is indeed great.

Wine and food matching can be done based on weight, flavours and textures which can be either contrasted or complimented. Wine and food pairing can also be done considering sugar, alcohol, acid and tannins of the wine and how can it be minimized when being paired with nay food. While there are many books and magazines that would guide you as to how to best pair the wine with food, as an elementary knowledge it is necessary to understand the balance between the weight of good and weight of the wine. Robust wine like Cabernet Sauvignon goes best with light delicate dishes. On the other hand light bodied wines like that of pinot grigio are overwhelmed with a hearty stew.

Enjoy the evening wine party with your friends and family and make your dining memorable one with pairing suitable wine with your favourite food. Cheers!!

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