Create a Healthy Lifestyle for your Family with a Healthy Pantry


What do you need for a Healthy Pantry? Elbow Grease and Old Fashioned Grit?

Oftentimes, people ask me what I think a healthy pantry looks like. . .Two ingredients I think every kitchen should carry in bulk size containers is something that is hardly heard of anymore. . .elbow grease and old fashioned grit. You can’t buy them in grocery stores and both have to be cultivated and carefully tended to.

The good news is that once you have it, it rarely goes away
and seems to increase with use. I guess my mom is the first
person I knew who had elbow grease and who made sure I
had some as a young girl. .I remember her giving me
chores to do and then her detailed inspection of the quality
of my work. My least favorite job was to be head duster
of all the wood in our home, including the wood base
boards that ran along every wall.

My mom is well known as ‘eagle eye’ so you can imagine the careful attention I had to give to my work. I’m giving my boys doses of grit and elbow grease as well. I have found both to be of the highest value as I tackle any task that comes my way.

So why would you need elbow grease and grit in your healthy pantry?

To me, elbow grease speaks of action and grit speaks of determination. Elbow grease is simply old fashioned hard work. Rolling up your sleeves and putting effort into whatever task comes your way. If you intend to make any changes in your health that actually creates permanent health results, you will have to use a little of both. If you lack either of these ingredients you will surely fail in your efforts.

I frequently hear people say they can’t believe how good they feel and how they had no idea that diet changes could make such an impact in their energy level. If you are in the early stages of learning to transition to a healthier diet, start by educating yourself. Be determined to remove the things from your pantry that you already know are less than best and slowly, steadily, surely fill your pantry with foods that are known to promote health. Take your desire for better health and fan the flame by reading carefully selected books.

Books to Assist you on your Quest for the Health Kitchen

The three I recommend most often are

  • “What the Bible Says About Healthy Living” by Dr. Rex Russell
  • “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Furhman
  • “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon.


If you have weight to lose I recommend you start with Dr. Furhman’s book. Dr. Furhman routinely helps people lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

Finding Information on Healthy Recipes and Healthy Diet

Use Kim Wilson’s recipes books to educate you and guide you in filling your pantry. Kim’s website and her recipes books are very detailed in both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of transitioning to a healthier diet. I like Kim’s books the best because she gives you lists of what you should keep on hand and because she has tasty recipes.

Join a Local Organic Fruit and Veggie Co-op

Join a local organic fruit and veggie co-op and learn where local sources for meat and dairy can be found. Be willing to make a drive out into the country if that is what is what it takes to get healthy dairy and meat products. Put some effort into your health and be determined to do whatever it takes to make the changes.

Oftentimes, I use old fashioned grit to make myself eat something that isn’t my favorite, simply because I know it is healthful for me. I encourage my children to know that we don’t have “homerun” meals every time and that’s just part of life. I use grit to help get us back on track when we venture too far from what we know is best.

May I encourage you to take the next two to five years to solidify the change to healthier eating and living by making a complete lifestyle change. Jump in there and make your kitchen hum.

  • Resolve to discover and create tasty meals
  • Throw complacency out the door and prepare your mind for change.
  • Determine to find out how to prepare healthy food
  • make food fun and attractive. 


You’ll need grit to get you through.  Your goal is to get to a place where you are characterized by eating well.  Elbow grease is just the thing that each kitchen/home needs.

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